Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, Faith in Action partner with Mobileteer Rewards App for fundraiser

The Chelsea Chamber of Commerce (CCOC) and Faith in Action (FIA) have partnered with Mobileteer, an advertising network that helps connect local businesses and local organizations to thousands of people each day.

Mobileteer Rewards is an app on your phone that allows users to have access to deals, loyalty cards, and community events for a specific community all in one place.

“The beauty of the app is that it travels from community to community and rebrands itself when it’s in that individual community,” said David McDonald, Founder and Vice President of Mobileteer. “When you’re in Chelsea, when you open up the app, it’s deals brought to you in Chelsea brought to you on behalf of, in this case, the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce.”Advertisement

“Where we then take one step further,” added McDonald. “is the basis of our company being how can we help a community thrive? It’s generating that shop local, go to these local retailers and restaurants, spend your money here, draw traffic from outside of the community into these cities, but also wanting to make sure were providing a way for non-profits in the area  to be able to fundraise.”

The CCOC has been working with Mobileteer since March of this year and this will be the first fundraiser the two organizations have worked on together in what will be a joint venture to raise money for FIA.

“We chose to partner with Faith in Action because their work is so important during the holiday season,” said Monica Monsma, Executive Director of the CCOC. “It’s a really cool thing to give money back to the community. It will support our members and we’re working on a member to member discount program that will also happen through the app.” 

McDonald told The Sun Times he’s happy that they’ve found a non-profit to be the first beneficiary of this new app that will hopefully help stimulate the local economy while helping a non-profit that does great things for the local community.

“At the heart of it, businesses want to see the user count,” said McDonald. “I had Monica go, ‘Hey let’s do this. Here’s our platform. Pick a non-profit and lets do a combo thing between that non-profit and the Chamber so they can utilize both sets of data bases’ Monica chose FIA as the leadoff hitter.”

Funds generated would go towards whatever the FIA deems necessary, whether its building maintenance, paying staff, or putting the money towards addressing the myriad of issues they help address  in the local community related to food shelter and clothing resources.

The idea behind this app is that in an increasingly digital world, it will be something you always have on you and can utilize at local businesses.

“It’s a physical card,” said McDonald of the many discount cards families can accumulate. “A family will buy it and more often than not, a parent is out shopping and it’s ‘oh my wife has the card’ or ‘my husband has it.’ Or it happens more often than not, it sits in a draw or purse because no one remembers they have it so the money is never staying local anyways because no one knows these places exist. We digitized that concept. When a family buys the card, or donates to that organization, they get the discount code, the code is good for up to four devices, families can take advantage without having to buy it four times.”

As a result of the fundraisers being run through Mobileteers’ own non-profit, called Redeem Fundraising, 80 percent of the proceeds stay with the non-profit. The Detroit Youth Choir, most recently seen on Americas Got Talent, is one such group that has recently utilized the Mobileteer platform.

“We want to make sure they’re taken care of, not just fundraising to walk away with a small amount of money,” said McDonald.

This fundraising campaign will begin on Nov. 11. For more information about this fundraiser, visit

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